All-In-One Package

Stay focused on your ambitions to grow and let us help keep your businesses compliant with all local requirements.

Package Price

All-in-one Business

HK$ 7,090

*Include Government Fees

All-in-one Professional

HK$ 7,410

*Include Government Fees

Incorporation service

Company name search

Create registers of Significant Controllers, Directors, Members, and Company Secretary

Prepare documents for Certificate of ncorporation (CI)

Prepare documents for Business Registration Certificate (BR)

Certified true copies of BR, CI and submitted document

Registered Address

Selection of locations

Licence to use the
address for business
registration (12-months)

Incoming mail handling
with email notification

Company Secretarial Services

Provision of a Company

Filing of Annual Return

Preparation of Annual
General Meeting (AGM)

Compliance scan

Keeping Statutory Book
and Significant Controllers

Updating Statutory Book
and Significant Controllers

Provision of a Designated

Renewal of Business
Registration Certificate

Provision of a Designated

Change in Director and
Company Secretary

Change of registered
office address

Government Fee

Business Registration
Certificate (HK$2,150)

Certificate of
Incorporation (e-version)

Annual Return (HK$105)

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